Sarah Palmer

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Sarah's childhood was typical of her peers in Southwestern Ontario. In her teens Sarah acquired a taste for travel while living with her family in Scotland and attending finishing school in Switzerland. By 1974 Sarah had received her Bachelor of Arts from Trent University, and having decided to pursue a career in the visual arts went on to study Graphic Design at Georgian College, at George Brown College in Toronto and in the 1980's, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Over the last decade Sarah's work has been maturing and evolving as she paints steadily, exhibiting throughout Canada. Sarah's work is now well represented in private collections.

When speaking of her passion for her art Sarah evokes images of a "fire in the belly" when she draws and paints the human form. Her paintings are the exploration of a moment in time; a "dance of life's many poses". Sarah captures the intimacy of a moment in her paintings through unusual juxtapositions of figures, and accentuation of body extremities. Her work often alludes to ambiguity of gender, misguided perspective, as well as the power of colour. Additional depth and texture are often created in her paintings through paint on coloured tissue and marbled paper.