Artist Statement

People are my muse. Through the use of symbolism, and the interplay of colour, pattern and texture, I explore something of the enigma and wonder they arouse in me. The eccentrics and misfits of our world hold a continual fascination: incongruous characters, placed within an everyday setting, portray an episode that appears to be part of a more complex narrative. The figures frequently take on the form of a caricature. People in period dress, heightened through the use of exaggeration, evoke a place out of time. The surface humour featured in many of my paintings belies an undercurrent of melancholy that often emerges upon extended viewing.

Through the utilization of a strong visual story-line and the dynamic use of light and colour with acrylic paint are the essential components in the integration of the disparate elements of narrative, colour and character in my painting.

— Sarah Palmer